Tracey Thompson – Print | Branding | Design Research – San Francisco

Tracey Thompson – Print | Branding | Design Research – San Francisco

Food, Nutrition, & Wellness

How can we combine the study of food, science, mathematics, and geography to help teens better understand their nutritional options?

Everyday Foods

The traditional perspective on teaching nutrition tends to focus solely on the food component of the healthy living equation. Food, Nutrition, & Wellness takes a unique approach by blending academic perspectives with an understanding of food preparation and nutritional value.

For example, many exercises challenge the student to explore nutrition from a scientific understanding. How do the chemical properties of foods combine in the cooking process? Why are some foods more nutrient rich than others? Additional exercises reinforce math skills, encourage understanding of other cultures and cuisines, and even encourage students to understand food marketing and a build healthy body image.

As the primary designer on this project, I designed the interior of the student edition including all unit/chapter openers and many features and academic challenges. I also prepared the InDesign template for the production of this design. To design the cover of this book, I worked with outside vendors to develop design concepts into a finished product.