Surf: Started out 3′ @ 9sNW, cranked up to 4′ @ 17sNNW. Clean, long rides. Went from Waist High to Shoulder/Head High.

Lovely sunday.

Paddled out with Josh and Brein in the early morning for some fun, small, clean waves. As the morning went on, the waves got a little beefier and the rides a little longer. I got some great lefts. There were a few I manage to work some tighter turns into. I got in some great practice listening to the wave and making adjustments with some slow, but slightly better cutbacks. My last wave I might have been able to try and tuck into, the lip was curling right over my head. Still a great wave tho, got me all the way in, stoked as punch.

Lots of fun watching everyone tear it up out there. Some folks were getting beautiful waves.

Sunny, dolphins hanging out. Very nice.