Surf: 4.6 ft at 14.8 s from the W at 270°. High tide. Moderate onshore winds.

I’ve been busy lately. Early meetings, evening events, and some longish days at work. My work guilt keeps me from going out when Chris can’t go out, but even when he can, I’m the lazy loaf that just wants to sleep in. I’d made some promises of “yeah, let’s surf early” for Saturday, then didn’t get up till late.

My the time we made it down to the beach, the wind had shifted and picked up. What was probably nice and glassy in the morning was pretty crumbly by 11.

But hey, with all these week-long rainstorms, finding a sunny weekend with waves has gotten pretty rare.

The waves looked rough and there were plent of people on them, but a few good ones came through here and there. It was one of those days where it’s mostly left, but there’s a nice right if you can get it without a dozen people trying to go left on it. I got a few that were a blast. I also got paid a great compliment by another surfer in the water. I was beaming. It’s a good reminder to tell people when you saw them get a good wave and share some of the stoke 😀

Later on we move more north. It was bumpy and bigger. I wore myself out pretty quick! Hopefully I have enough energy left to get out tomorrow, too!