Tracey Thompson – Print | Branding | Design Research – San Francisco

Tracey Thompson – Print | Branding | Design Research – San Francisco

Two Campfires

How can we create a simple web template that can expand to meet a budding start up’s needs?

Application Page

TwoCampfires is composed of a small group of friends working together to build free iPhone applications. They approached me to create a simple web site that they would be able to edit and fill with content as content became available.

I created several mock-ups based on rough ideas the team had. After establishing that the site would need roughly two simple page types, I went about mocking up a number of possible type and image treatments they might use to display different content. From there I coded the css and prepared a few generic html/php based pages to test while the team developed their content.

As the content became available, I flowed content into each of the pages, adjusting my css as needed. The team has been able to create additional pages and include additional content on their own based on the templates I provided.