Tracey Thompson

Product Design Leader, SF Bay Area


Past work and projects.

Additional examples are available on request.

  • Digital Lender Integration Digital Lender Integration is a trusted resource for home buyers, sellers, and agents. Realtor service connects buyers with agents, giving agents information about the buyer’s budget and preferences. To help give the buyer-agent team an edge in competitive markets, Relator partnered with a digital-first lender to bring pre-approval data to the agent service.

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  • Packard Foundation Report

    Packard Foundation Report

    As the world demand for food grows, it is vital that commercial fishing evolve to become sustainable. A number of organizations have taken great steps to improve the way people catch, process, and buy fish; however many challenges still remain. Changing the Future of Wild Fish was prepared by the Discovery Group to explain the…

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I have seen Tracey operate within complex industries and tricky stakeholder situations. She builds trust with clients and users and helps the team of software engineers, product managers and designers overcome significant challenges.

Kate Bennet

Director of Product, Lab Zero

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