Tracey Thompson – Print | Branding | Design Research – San Francisco

Tracey Thompson – Print | Branding | Design Research – San Francisco

Team KickIt Product Design

How can we use technology to enrich family communication?

Working Sketches
Interaction Sketches

My team and I relied on a blend of humor, creativity, and practical problem solving skills to tackle this design challenge.

From our user studies based on a family of action figures (let’s face it, Batman is the ultimate early adopter and would be one hard working dad) to scenarios involving seamless integration into teen life, we were able to address a variety of user needs while creating a product that would be fun and easy for the whole family to use.

Our solution was the Adeo, a portable media and communication device intended to capture and share multimedia content. The Adeo would allow family members to share experiences at home together, or anywhere their individual lives take them. It would also act as a digital scrapbook, storing and organizing content automatically.

Complete project details available at: Carnegie Mellon University – Interaction Design

Fun Fact: Our first act of business as Team KickIt was to create a team identity. Team member Reagan Heller drew each team member anime-style with big boots for kicking around ideas. Our anime-identities helped foster teamwork and served as a reminder to keep a light-hearted perspective on this design challenge.