Solo Bolinas


Surf: 8.9 ft at 13.8 s from the WSW at 253°. Outgoing.

Headed north for a little weekday getaway. There was a torrential downpour pretty much from sunup to sundown Monday that made for an exciting drive up there. The mist and the rain was just beautiful going over Tam. Wow. I wish I could have gotten a picture of that but I was a little busy driving around mudslides and through streams that decided the road was the best place to be.

By Wednesday things had calmed down enough that we thought we’d give it a shot. Chris wound up feeling under the weather so I headed out on my own.

I don’t love when the water is murky, especially up here, but I thought “There’s plenty of people out, it won’t be too bad.” Unfortuantely, all those people paddled in just as I paddled out. Doh! With the rain there was so much sediment I couln’t even see my knees in the water. It was spooky. The waves were breaking a little better futher out, but every time I started to get too far from shore, I thought better of it. Finally I saw another surfer. I paddled over to say hi. It wasn’t another surfer. It was a sea lion who was entirely uninterested in catching waves. Oops.

After a few waves another woman paddled out and we made the most of the funky waves. They would rear up, then back off. Not that unusual for this spot, but great when you can just hop on the next one because there’s no one around already on it!

Post session I found enough silt in my wetsuit to build a sandbar. All this rain brough down plenty of sediment!