Tracey Thompson

Product Design Leader, SF Bay Area


“Tracey is a trusted, experienced, and methodical product design leader, practitioner, and collaborator. She blends a mastery of design process & mindset with a commitment to partnership with her engineering and product peers.

As a design leader, Tracey established many standards for Lab Zero’s design practice. This extended to defining our standards & process for lean customer discovery, visualizing roadmaps, continuous design delivery and design critique.

Tracey leveraged her years of experience to establish our rubric for assessing the maturity of our clients’ design practice and organizations. This is key to leading design within a product development consultancy, where success depends on close collaboration with cross-functional partners, and building our clients’ trust and understanding of design’s role.

As a practitioner, Tracey brings systems-level thinking & a resilient focus on getting to the heart of customer needs. She works with teams to facilitate shared understanding, map journeys and synthesize learning. She’s an expert designer, adept at both ideating with a Sharpie and refining user experiences in Figma.

Whether designing systems for large enterprises or bringing an early-stage startup’s vision to life, Tracey adapts to the situation and brings the skills needed to drive success. Tracey is also a joy to work with, a curious and creative person who takes the initiative to connect with and inspire her teammates.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Tracey on several projects at Lab Zero.

From day one, Tracey modeled what great design leadership looks like. She quickly got up to speed on the context and challenges of the business while building a deep understanding of the problem space. She uses so many effective tools (e.g. journey maps, design principles, user research, jobs to be done etc.) to drive clarity and alignment. She never lets ambiguity persist for long and expertly engages users and stakeholders in insightful conversations that uncover the root of a problem.

She values strong design, engineering and product collaboration and consistently shows up as a great partner. She passionately advocates for the user and their needs and knows how to advocate for the best user experience while balancing feasibility and technical constraints.

She is an empathetic leader who generously shares her knowledge and best practices with other designers. You can give Tracey an incredibly hard problem to solve and trust that she will solve it brilliantly while bringing the team along.

Tracey has set the bar for me for design excellence. She helped bring out the best in me and I look back on our work together with fondness and pride. She is a very thoughtful, talented and low-ego design leader, a game changer for any team!”

“Tracey is a conscientious and thoughtful design leader. She guides and supports the people she manages and the teams she works with and calmly brings her expertise and knowledge to situations she encounters, raising the level of everyone she interacts with.

I have seen Tracey operate within complex industries and tricky stakeholder situations. She builds trust with clients and users and helps the team of software engineers, product managers and designers overcome significant challenges.

I am always impressed by Tracey’s drive to do the right thing on projects we’ve worked together on. She doesn’t shy from delivering research findings and recommendations based on data and learnings, even if it’s not what our customers were expecting or hoping for.

I enjoy working with Tracey and know that our teams and I are stronger when she is setting an example and when we have the opportunity to collaborate together. She would be an asset to any design organization.”

“Tracey and I worked together for over a decade at Lab Zero. During that time, she demonstrated exceptional collaboration with our clients. She prioritized user-centric experiences, emphasized web accessibility, and expertly sought and implemented feedback while working through challenging problems. I regularly recall being impressed by her thorough, patient, detail-oriented approach. When we worked together, it was effortless to work through requirements and limitations to arrive at functional, aesthetic, straightforward designs. Not to mention, she was a driving force for positive change – it was her leadership which, in no small part, shaped communication and collaboration within our organization and helped attract other top-tier talent. You’d also be hard pressed to find a friendlier person – someone who truly cares about the success and well-being of her friends and coworkers. I wholeheartedly recommend Tracey for endeavors seeking to elevate their design practice and deliver exceptional user experiences.

“An early memory I have working with Tracey was her nerding out over web accessibility decisions for her fintech client. She found the time on a fast paced, highly technical project to get cross functional feedback on her designs and in doing so, perfectly exemplified proactive design leadership. This early example set the tone for what it was like working with Tracey for 4.5 years – constantly impressed by her personal flavor of thoughtfulness, empathy, quiet confidence, and principled UX/product design techniques. She’s the real deal.

At the end of the day, I always know I can count on Tracey and highly recommend working (or plein air painting!) with her.

“Tracey is an amazing design leader and partner. She and I worked together for more than a decade at Lab Zero. On projects where she was my design partner, she leveled up my understanding and appreciation of a user focused design. She distills complex business requirements into straightforward designs with a strong focus on usability and accessibility. Her strong collaborative approach with engineers and product owner collectively lifts the whole team.

On top of that, Tracey is a truly friendly and empathetic coworker. Through the years we worked together, it was always a joy to connect with her in the office. I really enjoyed working with her and sincerely hope to work with her again in the future.

“After working with and alongside Tracey for many years, across numerous clients and projects, it’s a pleasure for me to endorse and recommend her. Whether working alone, as part of a cross-functional team or leading one, Tracey is thoughtful, sincere, and incredibly thorough, with a natural talent for organization and process. She is an empathetic listener and excellent collaborator, adept at balancing process, quality and delivery with professionalism and genuine interest in her co-workers, business partners and the end users of the systems we create.

With Tracey’s aptitude for understanding and communicating complex business and technology topics, her long history of delivering well crafted UX solutions combined with her excellent work ethic and high standards, she’ll make an excellent addition to any team lucky enough to have her aboard.

“From the moment I joined Lab Zero, Tracey has been a wonderful co-worker and design mentor. On our first project together, she got me up-to-speed in the world of product design, pushing my visual and interaction design skills even further with her patient demeanour and insightful critiques. As we collaborated on user research, her empathy and knack for asking the right questions drove continuous improvement in the product—and ultimately a successful outcome for the client.

Her skills are invaluable at any step in the design process, and at any level of an organisation. With an aptitude for distilling complicated systems and big-picture thinking into simple workflows, she provides a backbone of stability to the rest of the work happening on a project.

Besides all that, Tracey is just a cool, down-to-earth human being and I wish we could’ve worked together in person—if only to experience her vaunted sticky note sketching skills!

“At Lab Zero there’s a strong culture of continuous improvement in our work processes. Of the people there, Tracey stands out as a true embodiment of this ethos. She’s always trying to find new and better ways to work with clients, engineers, and other stakeholders. She works hard to discover the real need and find ways we can work new improvements in. Much of what she contributes is design of course, but communication and fostering connections with others are also critical skills that she brings to the table. She excels at both.

Tracey also possesses a keen eye for identifying opportunities to enhance team effectiveness. Whether it’s reaching out to potential collaborators, teaching the team a new skill, or uncovering valuable information to address genuine needs, Tracey consistently contributes to our collective success. She’s always trying to improve the situation for everyone on board.

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