Tracey Thompson

Product Design Leader, SF Bay Area

401k Education and Marketing

How can we promote responsible and effective 401k investments?

Provider Campaign

In uncertain financial times, communication between 401k providers and participants is vital. Unrealistic expectation on the part of participants can leave providers exposed to lawsuits and leave participants unprepared for the future.

Investment Horizons, Inc, provides software, communication materials, and consulting to evaluate and strengthen the relationships between plan providers and their participants. IHI seeks to help participants understand how to responsibly invest, while also making providers aware of their fiduciary liability and responsibility to investors.

While a member of the IHI team, I worked with founder Richard Glass to develop two unique marketing and education campaigns. The first campaign consisted of large, iconic images of nature designed to alert providers to the dangers of neglecting to inform their participants of the risks and rewards of 401k investing.

The second campaign targeted 401k participants directly. This campaign was designed to explain and clarify the investments process.