Tracey Thompson

Product Design Leader, SF Bay Area

Tie-Dyed Tea Packaging

How can we brand and market tea in an unconventional way?

This early project was an experiment to develop a beverage packaging that approaches the product in a new way. Where traditional tea branding tends to focus on themes describing relation, natural healing, and exotic locations, my take on the product examined the experience of interacting with a tea bag and the swirling color of the tea as it steeps.

I developed a product concept that likened the distribution of the tea’s color to that of tie-dying. My product would feature naturally tinted teas that fill the cup with color as the tea is brewed.

The tea bag would come packaged in paper packet that unfolded to reveal a small t-shirt shape. After the tea was steeped, the drinker would be able to blot the tea bag on their packet and create a mini tie-dyed t-shirt while they sip.