Tracey Thompson

Product Design Leader, SF Bay Area

The cover of a booklet titled "Penrose Chancery." The cover image shows a dramatic black-and-white photo of Iranian architecture seen from below. This building is paired with hand-drawn geometric shapes and lines.

Penrose Chancery

Interior Page
Interior Page

For his Masters of Architecture Thesis at UC Berekeley, my friend Behn Farahpour wanted a booklet to accompany his final presentation. This booklet would give his presentation panel an overview of the architecture, culture, and imagery that inspired his project.

Behn supplied me with a rough outline of topics and a massive amount of photographs with the instructions “Have fun!”

The color pallet reflects the colors used in his architectural presentation and the layering of images and textures was intended to complement the emphasis on pattern and shape emphasized in his work.

Each book was printed in-house and hand bound.