Tracey Thompson

Product Design Leader, SF Bay Area

Vision Packaging

How can we create an opportunity for an established brand to expand without losing brand recognition?

Working Sketches
Logo Study

Companies are often faced with the choice of modernizing a brand at the risk of losing recognition, or preserving a brand and risk becoming outdated in the eyes on consumers.

For this project I explored a possible opportunity for Sylvania to expand it’s product line and market position while retaining its existing brand presence. Taking cues from competing products, I chose to create a premium line of light bulbs to allow me to experiment with a new direction without sacrificing brand integrity.

I chose to explore a branding system for a new, environmentally friendly line of light bulbs. These bulbs would last longer, use more energy, be cleaner to manufacture and dispose of than other bulbs. I developed the Vision line to suggest a product committed to environmental responsibility and pleasing light. The packaging would be made from biodegradable plastics and use soy based inks.