Tracey Thompson

Product Design Leader, SF Bay Area

House Rabbit Society Logo

How can we honor the history of an organization while updating their visual brand?

Logo Study
In Use on Web Site

The Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia Chapter of the House Rabbit Society began with a rabbit named Clover and blossomed into a network of volunteers and rabbits dedicated to helping abandoned rabbits find good homes.

When the members of HRS approached me to design a logo for their web site redesign project, they knew they wanted a simple logo that somehow incorporated a reference to their founding rabbit. Using photographs of Clover, I created a logo that featured his outline within a house shape. I incorporated the heart and clover elements from artwork HRS planned to use on their new web site.

In addition to the logo in color, grayscale and black and white, I also provided several text options, and a branding guideline document for how to use the logo in various print and web situations.